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Becoming intimate or nurturing intimacy with your partner seems like it should be easy. It can be. Yet, for some people it is an arduous task  that makes them feel very vulnerable. If you’ve ever had difficulty achieving this milestone in your relationship or thought you needed to raise your intimacy bar, I have three words for you: “you are right!” Kudos for actually acknowledging that there is a problem.


Being a licensed marriage and family therapist, I understand the intricacies a of deep intimate exchange between two people who love, adore, and desire one another but on most days can’t seem to muster the fluidity of affection to create and sustain intimate connection.  I teach couples to flourish in intimate relationships. After having spent years helping couples resolve their intimacy mishaps and explore their intimacy needs, I am motivated to unveil the many untold truths regarding the myths and realities of intimacy between Black couples. Despite centuries of negative narratives about the intimacy of Black couples, I use this medium to reveal what sometimes limits a couple's desire in order to actualize healthy intimacy.

Without harboring the desire to demonizing anyone, I expose unspoken truths about the challenges to healthy intimate relationships. These challenges have always been there, but because no one is willing to talk with unrelenting honesty and depths of emotion, attaining complete intimacy remains an illusion in many relationships. As James Baldwin once said, “Not everything that is faced will be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Intimacy is a desire couples are mostly unprepared to discuss, yet one they are in desperate need to live. It is oxygen to a relationship.


I hope In-To-Me-See accelerates the innate desire of Black couples toward intimacy. My aim with this book is to light the paths for couples on their journeys to discovering their unique intimate expressions.

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Dr. M. Jeannelle Perkins-Muhammad, LMFT

Dr. Jeannelle Perkins-Muhammad is a Psychotherapist and Licensed Family Therapist with more than 20 years of experience in relationship and life coaching. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Capella University. As an adjunct professor at The Citadel in Charleston, SC, she is a culturally competent therapist helping to establish a new generation of clinical counselors. Dr. Jeannelle is a Foundation Fellow of Roper St. Francis Hospital. She is licensed in GA, FL, NC, and SC. 

In her private practice, Dr. Jeannelle assists individuals, families, and couples; revitalize revamp, and repair their commitment to authentic living as a characteristic for building healthy relationships. She is compassionate, direct, and authentic in helping clients overcome their challenges. Her spiritual experience and evidence-based therapeutic approach are a hallmark for helping you change the trajectory of your life. Dr. Jeannelle is a capacity expander who believes, & the greatest generational wealth that can be bestowed is mental and emotional wellness.


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